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What we’ve spotted @ S/S ’12 Pressdays Part II

Shoes or works of art?

Recognize these shoes? They are from designer Jan Taminiau. No wonder that his designs and those from Iris van Herpen are popular amongst artists like Lady Gaga. Always nice to see up close what we’ve seen during a fashion show, and we still have the greatest respect for the models that wore them.

But we’ve spotted many other -and more wearable- items. From O.P.I.‘s Holland-inspired nailpolish (an extra post on this collection will follow soon) to an interesting bag from Won Hundred

More impressions of the S/S ’12 Pressdays after the jump >>>


"They're Hot, You're Not!" Newspaper de Pers about bloggers

They’re Hot, You’re not! That’s what journalist/columnist Koster wrote in his hilarious article about bloggers in newspaper De Pers today.  With ‘they’, he means us. We are hot, yes we are! Finally! (Uhuumm) This week we’ve got or own ‘blogkoffer’ (blogarea) at Amsterdam Fashion Week and suddenly we are important enough…