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Fashion quote of Leighton Meester


“Imagine this: you’re on set, in the middle of a frenzy of activity that would make the Energizer Bunny beg for a nap. You’ve had weeks of fittings and been in and out of different looks all day, done a month’s worth of changes in an afternoon. You are getting sleeeepy…the biggest cup of coffee in the world could not rouse you. But then Eric holds up a piece of clothing, a slip of silk dangling on a hanger, and whispers, “You know you want it.” His tone hovers between sly and delighted, as if he knows he’s about to make some kind of magic. And instead of exhaustion, you feel a glimmer of excitement. Because it’s so true. You want it. You need it.”


NEW! Leighton Meester's first official single


‘Good girls gone baaaad!!!’  We love the song with Leighton Meester in it.  Not only because we like this new Gossip-it-Girl, but also because we are good girls gone bad sometimes. Leighton Meester’s first official single, “Somebody to Love” featuring Robin Thicke, premiered on Ryan Seacrest last week, and once again it’s all about the catchy hooks and pop sound.