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Hairtrend 2010: Black vs peroxide?

The 2010 haircolour...What will it be?

First we thought that red would be a new haircolour for 2010, but now it seems the scores are rising between peroxide blonde and raven black.

Agyness Deyn, who is known for her experimental hairdo’s was spotted with a short raven black coupe, Kate Moss was photographed with cropped black hair for ID-magazine, and Natalia Vodionova, who’s usually angelic blonde, turned her locks as black as a crow for the Givenchy campaign.

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Kate's style is genetic…

…her daughter Lila Grace already has a distinguished sense of style and our handbag collection fades next to hers: ”Lila’s already got a great handbag collection! She’s got a mirrored Fendi bag and she’ll say things like, ‘I’m not going to wear that anymore.”


Kate swaps London for Paris

Kate Moss at the British Fashion Awards

Rumour has it that British Style Icon Kate Moss (she was awarded the style icon who best embodies the spirit of London as a creative fashion capital), may leave London and move to Paris!

According to an insider she wants to move closer to the epicentre of fashion, and although London is a creative and hip city, Paris is where fashion all began:


Kate Moss to launch make-up line?

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Kate with her latest fragrance for Coty: Vintage

In a recent interview with WWD, Kate Moss said she’s thinking of expanding her non-modelling activities even more. After launching a succesful line for Topshop,  her third fragrance for Coty and a haircare brand with hairstylist James Brown it might be a logical step to think towards a line of cosmetics.