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Skinny & Co Coconut Oil

Attention, everyone: I’ve found the only coconut oil IN THE WORLD that’s wild harvested, hand-pressed, 100% raw, 100% virgin and 100% without chemicals or solvents. In the whole world!


I discovered Skinny & Co. while researching natural coconut oil products, looking for a cream that could help my dry, cracked skin in winter months. Their coconut oil is pure and smooth, with natural fatty acids inside that help to soothe skin. And get this: over 12 coconuts are used to make one 16 oz jar!

raw coconut oil_2

Skinny & Co. has patented a unique system (called “Nutralock”) that uses cool, dry air to dehumidify the coconut meat. This alkaline process – which doesn’t use any heat to extract the oil from the coconut – means it retains raw standards, so all the amazing nutrients are intact. It takes three times longer to make the coconut oil, but the result is the purest product possible.


They make everything from coconut oil to whipped body butter, body and facial scrubs, shampoo, hair masks, and oil pulling kits.

Skinny & Co. is committed to using premium quality coconuts that are wild harvested (not plantation grown) in Vietnam. They’re hand-picked and treated with TLC to deliver the most high-impact product for your skin.

raw coconut oil_3


It’s a family-run company that’s founded by two brothers, Matt and Luke Geddie, who were raised with a chemical-free lifestyle after Matt became ill as teenager. It’s their dream to change the world through their chemical-free products, while also giving back to the people of Vietnam.

Click here to visit the brand’s website.

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