Sun Care Courtesy of Yves Rocher

I’m FINALLY of on holidays to Italy this week and can’t wait to hit the sun! Leading up to the holiday, I’ve had the help of Yves Rocher to prep my skin for sun exposure – especially since it’s hardly seen any for the past few months!

Yves Rocher’s Sun Vitamins work to enhance and prolong your tan. I started taking the pills two weeks before heading on holidays (two capsules a day). The active ingredients help to boost skin pigmentation, protect cells from the sun, and keep skin healthy. Note that taking these pills is not a substitute for sun cream.



The Solaire Peau Parfaite spray also helps to prepare skin for sun exposure. Start using three weeks before holidays (twice a day), and continue using during the first week in the sun. It will help to prolong your glow.

Finally, once I’m in Italy, I’ll be using the SPF 50+ anti-ageing sun cream for face. The formula is moisturizing and smoothing, without a sticky residue or oily finish.



Yves Rocher’s sun protection collection also includes a cooling apres-sun cream (not pictured).

Yves Rocher products are available at the brand’s stores across The Netherlands.

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