How to: Bachelorette

This has officially been the summer of weddings for me (including my own!) and, as a result, I’ve been to my fair share of bachelorette parties.

Oh, the drama! Organizing a bachelorette can be tough work – you have to deal with different opinions, expectations, budgets and desires. Ultimately, it’s most important to keep in mind what the bride would like – what are her favorite activities? How does she like to spend her time? What’s her guilty pleasure?

My bestie loves decorations, so while planning the day weekend away, I looked for all sort of cute decorations when I stumbled across The Tattoo Boutique on Etsy. I knew we had to have these temporary golden tattoos!



They were an instant hit, and we’ve since used them at a few more bachies. The bride has always loved them and it’s such a cute way to give everyone a “matching” element without looking tacky (or someone having the misfortune of being paraded about town in a giant penis costume).

The temporary stick-on tattoos come in awesome little packages for bachelorette parties, with all sorts of different designs, graphics and words (we loved “Bride’s Besties”). For about €20 it’s a fun, inexpensive addition to the perfect day for the bride-to-be. And, they ship to Europe!



Get them here!

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