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Oh my! Barbie talks back!

One of my freelance activities at the moment is writing about Fashion & Tech for a big consumers tech brand. I must admit that I wasn’t completely immersed in the tech part of fashion, but that made it all more of a challenge and it turns out to be very interesting and instructive. Tech innovations are an undeniable part of our future, and I am happy to add fashion & tech knowledge to my already existing knowledge about fashion.

During research I stumble upon fun and amazing things which I really can’t help but share. Today’s find is familiar to most girls, because who hasn’t played with Barbie??
The ever so popular doll has to keep up with modern times and after joining Instagram, here’s some more exciting news for all the Barbie afficionados out there: she talks back! Hello Barbie is a wifi enabled and uses speech recognition technology making her able to interact. I remember I used to be the communication channel between my Barbies (and Ken mostly), and it would have been fun if she would actually be able to talk on her own.

Now not everybody is happy with the release of the interactive doll…Hello Barbie could actually be vulnerable to hacking and used as a tool to spy on children. So maybe some bugs need to be fixed to avoid these scenarios, but really, can we also look at the bright side of things technology can bring us? Barbie talks back!

Watch the video to see how Hello Barbie functions:

The doll was released earlier in 2015, but the reason were putting her to your attention is that the offer of connected products and interactive toys is set to grow in the coming year(s).

Which toys would you like to see come to life?

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