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Will this become the new foodtrend for 2016?

We are getting much better educated when it comes to food, and we’re happy to see that there’s a lot going on in the food department in The Netherlands these days. This also results in some delicacies -that were only accessible for the happy few before- now reaching a wider audience.

The best example is what we’ve witnessed today. Fries -a very popular snack- are now enhanced with a chic touch. As of today, you can order ‘Fries with caviar’ at the Frietboutique in Amsterdam’s Oud-Zuid district. Crunchy golden fries, salted with Sal de Ibiza, and a dollop of crème fraîche with 10 grams of caviar on top.


Odd combination? Well, not really. In the era of the Tsars in Russia, the ‘Pommes Tsarine’ was almost a daily dish. Those were cooked potatoes with a dollop of crème fraîche and caviar, which is quite similar. At least it’s different from the usual fries with mayonnaise!

We’ve tasted them and can recommend the ‘Fries with caviar’ for sure. Especially to those who are still reluctant about caviar because they believe it tastes too briny when served the traditional way. Our only criticism is that the taste of the potato tends to take over the refined structure of the caviar, but that’s just related to our preference of enjoying plain caviar.


Despite Ashkan Mossafaian, owner of House of Caviar & Fine Foods‘ forecast of a drop in the prices of caviar (yet by maintaining good quality) the coming years, ‘Fries with caviar’ are still a somewhat luxury treat at the amount of €17,50.

Go and experience it for yourself at the Frietboutique (& IJsboutique) at the Johannes Verhulststraat 107 in Amsterdam.

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