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Tasty Tuesday: Propercorn

Propercorn_bags2Popcorn is known to be a healthy snack; low on carbs and calories, plus suitable for a wheat- and/or gluten free diet. You can pop them yourself of course, but if you’re too busy, just grab a bag of Propercorn!

Aside from the fun and appealing packaging, the Propercorn popcorn comes with various seasonings, wether your the hearty type or the sweet tooth, you’ll find a flavour to like.

The first one we’ve tasted was the sour cream & chive flavour. Not to compare with the similar flavour on crisps which can be a bit too heavy on the chives part…At this point we’ve tested the lightly sea salted, sweet & salty, fiery worcester sauce & sundried tomato and the sweet coconut vanilla flavour.


Propercorn initiator Cassandra jumped on the gourmet popcorn bandwagon at the right moment and can already count on many Propercorn addicts. Our favorite so far is…well we don’t have any. It all depends on the momentum on which you decide to savor your bag of Propercorn. Though we are curious when they’ll come up with new flavours. Do you have any suggestions?

Propercorn bags are packaged in big or small sizes: €1,89 or €0,99. Find them at AH To GO or Marqt. You can also order boxes with 24 bags via


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