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Best Budget Buy: Warehouse Culotte Jumpsuit



Last year a wore a lot from Warehouse because this high street label has some real gems if you’re looking for affordable seasonal items.

This brings us to today’s Best Budget Buy: a black culotte jumpsuit. Culottes on it’s self are not very sexy. A little throwback in history tells us they were worn by the early feminists for practical reasons – to ride a horse or a bike properly- and often considered ‘manly’.

However, this is a whole different kind of ‘culotte’. It has a feminine, fitted top with thin straps attached to it, which makes it a dressy jumpsuit.


So if you’ve decided to jump on this ‘culotte’ bandwagon, we’d advise you to go for this elegant specimen. Even more stylish worn with a pair of heels and a leather jacket, or classic flats and a tux blazer.

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