Valtifest 2014 Photo Report

Valtifest_2014_1Oh what a blast it was again! Valtifest was a colorful cacophony of costumes and original outfits in the the 7 sins theme. Some well executed, some less. Our compilation of photos will let you be the judge of that.

The way to the ferry to take us to the NDSM wharf where Valtifest was held was already hilarious! All dressed up -or should we say dressed down?- in our ‘Sloth’ theme with a hint of ‘Gluttony’ and those surprised looks of the tourists wondering why we were riding our bicycles in our PJ’s and bathrobe were priceless…


Well, nuff said. Just have a look at our full Valtifest 2014 photo report in the gallery!

All images © The Digitalistas

Valtifest_2014_2 Valtifest_2014_3 Valtifest_2014_4 Valtifest_2014_5 Valtifest_2014_6 Valtifest_2014_7 Valtifest_2014_8 Valtifest_2014_9 Valtifest_2014_10 Valtifest_2014_11 Valtifest_2014_12 Valtifest_2014_13 Valtifest_2014_14 Valtifest_2014_15 Valtifest_2014_16 Valtifest_2014_17 Valtifest_2014_18 Valtifest_2014_19 Valtifest_2014_20 Valtifest_2014_21 Valtifest_2014_22 Valtifest_2014_23 Valtifest_2014_24 Valtifest_2014_25 Valtifest_2014_26

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