Liaison de Parfum

Skins_liaison de parfum1How adorable are these little perfume samples? I was immediately drawn to the cute names of the four scents — “Stay with me,” “Resist me,” “No matter what,” and “I dare you” — when I saw them at Skins Cosmetics.

The perfumes hail from Liaison de Parfum, a new collection made in France. The brand was founded by Nana de Bary, who was inspired by people and places she has loved in her life, from a grand ball in Vienna to a romantic getaway in Sardinia. The result, she says, are an homage to the four seasons or the stages of a well-lived life.

Each scent is distinctively unique and made with precious essences using old techniques from a traditional perfumery.

Skins_liaison de parfum2“Stay with me” is bright and optimistic, for the dreamer, with citrus, jasmine, and rose mixed with musk, vanilla, cedar and amber.

Sophisticated, bold and alluring, “Resist Me” mixes sandalwood, lemon, musk, tangerine, lavender and geranium.

“No matter what” fuses patchouli, jasmine and peach with bergamot and coriander for an inspiring, uplifting scent.

And “I dare you” has a heart of sandalwood, patchouli and vetiver which then opens into notes of citrus spices.

Check out the whole collection at Skins locations throughout Holland.

Text: Lydia Parafianowicz

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