Replay_laserblast1As many jeans labels have taken the turn to eco friendly production methods, Replay takes it to even a higher level. Instead of using models, they have Norwegian activists Aleksandra Ørbeck-Nilssen and Enok Groven starring the campaign for the Laserblast L.I.F.E. collection.

The capsule collection is manufactured using less water and natural pigments to reduce the impact on the environment, and what better support to receive than from real life eco warriors?


About the models/Eco-Warriors:

Aleksandra Orbeck-Nilssen is a Norwegian-born model and actress. She has her own wildlife conservation trust, Nanofasa (, and is a leading spokesperson for African environmental issues around the world.

Enok Groven is the Norwegian founder of Fashion Against Climate Change (, a well-respected newsgroup and blog focusing on environmental issues with a bearing on the fashion industry.

The campaign video which you can see above features clashes between activist rebels and heavily armoured authority figures; the Eco-Warriors are determined to fight the environment and can’t be stopped!
“Environmentalists are the heroes of the modern world. Rather than talking about abstract ideals, they act, fearless of the consequences.” according to Matteo Sinigaglia, CEO of Fashion Box S.p.A.

To underline the campaign, Replay also created a manifesto:


To be an Eco-Warrior for L.I.F.E.

is to be a silent rebel that turns a quiet revolution, into an environmental evolution.

It’s to be an innovator in activism.

A rebel with a cause.

To stand up for what you believe in and fight for what is right.

It’s to be a doer. A dreamer. A darer.

To be an Eco-Warrior is to live it, breath it, fight for it and wear it.

Now, some more details about the jeans. The dyeing process is done with natural pigments of mineral origin. Then,  pulverized rock imbues the fabric with a distinctive faux vintage appeal thanks to a fine variegation of hues.The definition of these great new jeans also entails the use of low environmental impact laser technology for the whiskering plus an intense stone wash for more of a lived-in look. Every item is then put through a low temperature water wash with mineral pigments in gray and brown/ochre tones and eventually set to dry on specially developed manikins to attain a chunky texture.

The Laserblast L.I.F.E. jeans are available in two styles for men; the regular fit Waitom and the slim-fit Anbass, both with a selection of options in fabric, treatment and wash. For women there’s the skinny Luz (€149) and the boy fit Pilar (€159) which come in three different washes.

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