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Column: 5 reasons to cancel your summer vacation

Yaela_column_may29Hi there! my name is Yaela and I’m a workaholic, a mom, a marketer and a perverted lover of all things hospitality. Fortunately I get to combine most of the above in my marketing agency Typhoon Hospitality. Every two weeks I share a glimpse into my often chaotic, unglamorous and insane life with you. Buckle up y’all, it’s going to be a bumpy ride….

So here’s the deal…As a born and raised Amsterdammer, I get sick of the city at times. When I’m on my way to an appointment and it starts pouring down, when I’m on my bike and nearly kill yet another tourist or when I enter a store and get ‘the evil eye’ from the salesclerck for interrupting their gossip session. But there’s this one magical moment where all of that disappears. The time of year when all of that changes…it’s summer in Amsterdam.

Nothing beats a lazy afternoon boating along the canals, strolling down the 9 streets and hanging on one of the many sunny terraces.

We’re nearing June, that means we’re nearing the summer of 2014. The biggest, baddest most awemest summers this city has ever seen. Barbados? forget it! Backpacking through asia? Boooring! Skydiving in New Zealand? yaaawn!

Cancel your trips because Amsterdam is where it’s at this summer.


PHOTO 1 (feature image): Go West!

Amsterdam has it’s own west side story to tell this year. Four young entrepreneurs are taking the old tramstation by storm and converting one of it’s glorious halls into a food & drink walhalla. With not one but two restaurants opening this summer (both with a huge sunny terrace of course). Brasserie Halte 3 for your classics and Meat West for a juicy steak or othe rmeat specialties. The only trouble will be to decide between a Gin & Tonic or a chilled glass of wine. Choices, choices.

Yaela_column_may29_2PHOTO 2: Something is Smokin’ on the Beukenplein

Things at the Beukenplein in Amsterdam are heating up! This summer a new venue will open it’s doors; Smokin’ Barrels. With their innovative but no-bullshit take on food, they are bringing a piece of London to Amsterdam. Smokin’ Barrels will serve 3 things; Burgers, Lobsters and if you really insist…a salad. Combine the two for the ultimate Surf & Turf and wash the goodness down with one of their delicious craft beers or cocktails. Expensive? NO WAY! One of those mouthwatering Surf & Turfs on the terrace in the sun will set you back no more than 19,50. Yes, you read it correctly. Awesomeness.

Yaela_column_may29_3PHOTO 3: Fries with a surprise

On the edge between De Pijp and De Rivierenbuurt another gem is gearing up to open it’s doors to the public. Frites uit Zuyd (opening end of June) will be the first qualitative ‘Friterie’ in Amsterdam. Think homemade fries, cut and cooked to perfection. Specially made ‘kroketten’ and  ‘frikandellen’. In short…every Dutchie’s guilty pleasure but made with only the best of the best. Endulging has never felt this right. Don’t be surprised if you’re in there getting your fries-to-go and accidentally stumble onto something else. Supposedly there’s something more to be discovered there. I for one can’t wait to go and see.

Yaela_column_may29_4PHOTO 4: Amsterdam is under a salad siege

As you may guess…I like to eat. Eating and drinking is not only an integral part of my job, it’s also my hobby. Having said that, it’s important to balance all that with healthy, fresh and real meals. One of my favorite spots always has been Juice & Salad on the Vijzelstraat. Freshly mades salads & juices with products straight of the owners farm. Doesn’t get much better than that, right? Well it does! Juice and salad are opening not one but two new places in town. With a gorgeous huge venue on the eerste Constantijn Huygenstraat in West and an outlet in the heart of the ZuidAs, they are healthy-fying the city. No more excuses, there’s always one near you.

Yaela_column_may29_5PHOTO 5: Floating dinner

I’ve already admitted to my love for a (cliche) boatride through the Amsterdam canals. And as magical as this city can be when on a boat, it gets so much better when surrounded by good friends and good food. As for the friends, can’t help you there, but foodwise, the Amsterdam boating scene is getting a serious upgrade this summer.

For your hot & happening lunch, dinner or bites, try the awesome Bluespoon on Board service. Bluespoon is the restaurant of the g;lorious Andaz hotel designed by Marcel Wanders. Simply call or email, order and within 30 minutes your food (and chilled wine?) is waiting for you.

Feeling a little less ‘chique’? Why not get some good old bitterballen or a clubsanwich at the Heregracht? Same deal…call, order, pick up & enjoy.

I promise you, with these restaurants in your black book your summer boating trips will get an instant upgrade.

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