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Thursday Treat: The Fat Dog

TheFatDog1We all know the concept of hot dogs. But what about hot dogs served with toppings imagined by one of Holland’s best chefs? That’s a whole different kind of hot dog…

The Fat Dog is one of Amsterdam’s latest venues settled at the end of the Ruysdaelkade and the brainchild of top chef Ron Blaauw. The concept is inspired by Bubbledogs in London, where hotdogs served with a glass of champagne are quite a hit.

At The Fat Dog they also aim to combine artisanal hotdogs with delicious toppings accompanied by a glass of good wine or bubbly, from lunchtime until late. We recently attended an event there and tastes three different ‘dogs’:
• The Casablanca: lamb sausage with baba ganoush, cucumber-cumin relish, and spicy mayonaise
•The Polski: a classic pork sausage with coleslaw, horseradish, crispy fried onions and smoky mayonaise
•The ‘Jacky’ Sapporo: a Japanes take on the bratwurst, topped with daikon, ginger, wasabi mayonaise and sprinkled with sesame crisps


Since there are 10 hotdogs on the menu, we still have to taste the remaining 7…and top of that list is the ‘Vive La France’ with baked mushrooms, spring onions, foie gras and truffle mayonaise…mmmm!

We can tell you, this is very appropriate food for hangovers. Go and get your ‘dog’! From lunch til’ midnight (no reservations policy).

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