Wednesday Wear-Abouts


Sacha loves vintage-like prints. She was like a child in a candy shop while browsing through a rack of vintage printed blouses when we were in Antwerp.

Even though we work in -and have a passion for- fashion, we’re quite the wardrobe recyclers. Because you know what? One doesn’t need to wear expensive clothes and accessories in order to have style. You either have it or you don’t. Which doesn’t mean we don’t like to indulge ourselves with a lovely (designer) item once in a while.

What Sacha is wearing:
Her jacket is from Forever 21, the white blouse is from H&M Conscious (made of organic cotton). The faux-leather trousers are also from H&M and the shoes are from Sacha Shoes. Her small black bag was a bargain at accessories shop I AM.

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WWA_5mrt_2 WWA_5mrt_1 WWA_5mrt_4

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