Le Supermarché Chanel

Chanel We’ve got to hand it to him, Karl Lagerfeld always knows how to surprise its audience with the themes and decors of the Chanel shows. Honestly, who would have thought he’d come up with a supermarket?!

This is totally grocery shopping 3.0! Add Rihanna to your shopping cart, et voilà!
There was nothing left of the Grand Palais this morning, as it had transformed in a full scale supermarket including the trolleys, revamped shopping baskets, shelf stackers, discount posters…and cash desks! Oh how we love this man’s originality!


In line with the sneakers worn by Cara Delevingne at the Chanel Couture show earlier in January, the ‘baskets’ were present again in various color combinations (we can assure you, doing your grocery shopping works better on trainers than in heels).
The collection itself was an optimistic and colorful mash up of styles -not all suitable for the supermarket- showing pop color coats with a happy print in the lining, leather and tweed tracksuits, glittery two pieces, the classic tweed suits and frilled dresses.

‘Supermarket chic’ will never have the same meaning again. Could you pass me the Haute Ketchup and the Jambon Cambon please?

Chanel Chanel Chanel_aw14_supermarket5Images © Style.com and Vogue.co.uk
Video © Paris Modes TV via Rightster

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