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Sweet Saturday Sounds: Robin Thicke’s Feel Good

Sweet_Saturday_Sounds_Robin-Thicke_Feel_GoodThis feature is not only about new album releases or an artist background. It reflects our own taste in music, which means we sometimes just want to share tunes we’re into at the moment. 

To get in a good vibe this first weekend of the new year, we’ve put Robin Thicke’s ‘Feel Good’ on repeat (glitter throwing champagne bottles in the video keep us hanging in that ‘let’s rock 2014’ as well)

The video was released on December 16th, the song is #7 of Thicke’s latest album ‘Blurred Lines’, and was written by Robin himself and
Maybe not his best album overall, but oh well…with one chart-buster and some mood lifting tunes like this one, who cares?


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