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Thursday Treat: 100% Juice

100percent_juiceNot all of us own a blender in which we can make healthy fruit- and vegetable juices, nor the time to make it for that matter.

In that case you can grab a packaged juice. There are quite some on the market and you have to be careful for the additives. Nothing beats a fresh selfmade juice, though this might be a nice alternative: 100% juice. It contains a mix of concentrated fruit- and vegetable juices in a cardboard package (better to recycle) without added sugar or conservatives.

There are three flavours available (from what we heard more to come), with the funniest names; Beetle Juice (beetroot-apple-carrot), Bananarama (banana-carrot-apple) and Simply Red (spicy tomato-carrot). Hello 80’s flashback!

We had our shot of Beetle Juice while feeling a bit under the weather and it actually seemed to give us a little boost.

Supermarket Dirk van der Broek will start the distribution of 100% juices from next week.


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