Dill = Lidl

Dill_Lidl_stuntThis is such a great example of how one should not be fooled by appearances. A pop-up restaurant in Stockholm with a Michelin-chef in the kitchen was fully booked from the first day. Though there was a little hidden agenda…

All the food was prepared with ingredients from Lidl! The low cost supermarket hereby wanted to show that good quality can be affordable.  Consumer research already pointed that out in the Netherlands where Lidl was awarded for the best fruit and vegetables.

My friends always gave me a strange look when I said I shopped part of my groceries at Lidl, but thanks to a supermarket-expert-mom -who always knows how to pick the right products in a range of at least 4 different supermarkets- I have a fixed list of Lidl groceries I am loyal to.

I applaud the stunt that was pulled in Sweden, which reflects how people can be influenced by smart marketing . Hopefully a lesson learned: one should never judge the book by its cover.

Bon Apétit!

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