Friday Fashion Envy: Balenciaga and Alaïa

FridayFashionEnvy_may3Sometimes it happens, you don’t have one, but two Friday Fashion Envies. Fused together they become a perfect look…

The Balenciaga dress and Alaïa shoes are like a match made in heaven. Even though I am not that much into dresses, this is definitely one I would wear because of its modernity and simplicity. The ivory sleeveless dress has a contrasting beige built-in waistband.


Because of the understated chiqueness of the dress, it needs a bit of ‘va-va-voom’, and the Alaïa sandals are just perfect for that. They are made of nude pink suede with a front- and ankle strap. The heel measures 4.5 inch (11,5 cm).

A beautiful Spring outfit, which remains a Friday Fashion Envy…

Find the Balenciaga dress and Alaïa heels at





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