VOGUE NL’s royal edition

Vogue_special_editionFully dressed on a Wednesday night, the day after Queensday to attend the VOGUE Queen’s Ball.

Not just to celebrate our new King & Queen, but also to introduce a special edition of the Dutch VOGUE: the Royal edition -because we cherish our Royals!-with a fabulous cover of queen Máxima. In this special edition you’ll find unique images of Máxima throughout the years. VOGUE explores her life story; from her early childhood in Argentina, to her growth as a businesswoman in New York, concluding with her inauguration as our queen.


We had a ‘ball’ at the Sofitel Legend Grand Hotel (in the room where our former Queen Beatrix said her vows to Claus von Amsberg in 1966) and indulged ourselves with bubbles and bites, and made some moves on the dancefloor…



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