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Video: Claes Iversen A/W ’12

© Peter Stigter

Claes Iversen is a master of contrasts, which showed off in his A/W ’12 collection last week, considering the location; the old church in the middle of Amsterdam’s red light district.

This time the designs were much darker than we’re used to from Claes, who usually presents a lot of femininity and colour. The hair and makeup of the models gave the whole a slightly gothic feel, and if we had to compare it to a style, it felt somewhat like Givenchy.

© Peter Stigter

A reversed tea-cup was the inspiration for the volume on top. Claes presented a layered collection that conceals and reveals. Masculine vs feminine, decorative vs minimalistic, dark tones vs colour. The layering was pursued in the embroideries; metallic thread feathers, flowers and leaves, wool and silk yarns, glass beads and metallic ribbon were meticulously layered for an astranging effect. Watch the video of the collection below:

Video by Bobby Littlejohn

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