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Embrace your assets!

Curviness in V magazine by Solve Sondsbo

A preview of an editorial shoot with plus-size models, from the V magazine Size issue, was already shown on So most of you have already seen the pictures. No need to place the whole editorial, but we also want to show you something else.

Because actually this is all about women being projected the way they are, embracing their assets. It’s all about a positive body image, even if that’s being curvy. And there is already enough photoshopping and retouching as it is. Australian Marie Claire also makes a statement with model Jennifer Hawkins posing naked and UNRETOUCHED on the cover.

The Australian model received some criticism though, because unretouched or not, the tall, blonde former Miss Universe, would not reflect the average woman. Who cares! She is doing this for a good cause and she shows that despite her almost perfect body, it has obviously not been airbrushed or anything.

It’s a really good change of awareness in the fashionbizz, and we’re not saying we don’t want to see surreal pictures anymore, but it’s good to have a balance between surreal and reality to keep people grounded. Especially young girls that see models as their rolemodels.

To quote Solve Sondsbo who made the fantastic V magazine shoot: ‘‘I loved the opportunity to show that you can be beautiful and sexy outside the narrow interpretations that normally define us.”

Some other pics from the V magazine editorial
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