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Chifff: Winter-wonder-why-land

Winter wonder why land high heel by Chifff
Enough is enough.

All right already. Just cut it out. I’m fed up with it. Enough is enough. A little bit is quite fun. But this is the bloody limit. P-L-E-A-S-E, can someone negotiate with the Weather Emperor and try to convince his Royal Highness to stop the cold, white, slippery mess!?

I know it’s nice to have a white Christmas (and yes, I’m familiar with the song!) and I’m also aware of the fact that some sports just require snow. But, if you’re living in a non-winter sports country like the Netherlands and Christmas lies two weeks behind us; why are we still stuck with that damn snow?

Last week I was biking through our capital, which is a risky business without any snowy conditions, so you can imagine that it was a pretty hazardous trip with all this icy snow in the streets. After  a couple of ‘oh-my-god-will-I-survive-slips-and-nearly-crashes’ I decided my life is worth more than a tragic snowy end, so I parked my bike in the shed and started to walk the walks. And I can assure you; some walks aren’t made for walking! (these days public transport isn’t the way to go either, I don’t like to be stuck with my nose in someone else’s armpit, falling in someone’s lap with every turn, packed like sardines in a way-too-hot can!)

Of course I can imagine that the snow is real fun for kids. Going up and down the hills with a sledge, making big snowmen, throwing snowballs in a HARMLESS way. I used to do all that as well. But yesterday I was walking towards a high school and suddenly decided to make a very quick U-turn (I had to force myself to walk calmly instead of running). And what was going on? There were some guys having a huge snow fight and by the look of it: it wasn’t really harmless. They were throwing balls with such speed that they resembled professional pitchers at the Major League Baseball. And another stroller in front of me wasn’t left out of their ’fun’ game, no that was their new target. Well, the idea of me turning up as a living snowman at the office didn’t exactly seem tempting. Nor the fact that I could end up with a black eye due to a big and icy snowball in the face. No thanks.

Waking up this morning I realized my prayers hadn’t been answered. Yet another new layer of snow in the streets… Grrrr, this means that for the 26th day in a row I have to leave my adorable high heels, booties, sky-high wedges and high heeled boots (and trust me, I have a lot to choose from in the afore mentioned categories) in my beautiful shoe cabinet. Because, again, I can moonwalk my way to work in my Rubber Ducks, which are practically glued to my feet these days. P-L-E-A-S-E, stop the cold, white, slippery mess!

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  1. Granny januari 15, 2010

    I totally agree! Come out, come out, where ever you are miss sunshine! My face needs some vitamine D! hahaha

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