Creative contest to organize Spike Jonze ‘I’m Here’ movie premiere

'I'm Here' by Spike Jonze

Creative platform Idealize and ABSOLUT Vodka are organizing a contest for creative talent. The idea is to imagine, make and organize the movie premiere for Spike Jonze’s ‘I’m Here’. The movie is Spike Jonze’s interpretation of the ABSOLUT brand. ABSOLUT Spike Jonze is a ground-breaking worldwide filmproject. As a start up to the Dutch premiere, four Dutch creatives– photographer Alek Breussing, artist Snar, DJ Oslo Hilton and graphic designer Judith Veenendaal- have been asked to give their vision on the premiere to inspire the contestants. The result is summed up in this short video: What is ‘I’m here’ about? In a nutshell: a 30 minutes Robot lovestory. It’s inspired on ABSOLUT’s campaign statement ‘creativity wins over conformity’.The main character wants to escape a world where there is lack of creativity and enthousiasm to discover new things. He will manage to do so, with the help of a passionate woman who challenges him and introduces him to an intense and exciting way of life. The short movie was launched at the Sundance film festival and will feature for the first time on European ground at the Berlin film festival from 11-21st of February. On March 2nd the movie wil be available online. Spike Jonze is a well known director in pop-culture, and was responsible for Being John Malkovich, Where the wild things are and videos for the Beastie Boys and Fatboy Slim. Creating an ‘original’ premiere Everybody is familiar with red carpets and celebrities. So forget about that. Your plan must be distinctively different, but workable. You are free in the way you execute your plan, as long as it’s possible to be send by e-mail: video, Photoshop moodboard, Powerpoint… !!!Deadline: 31st of January!!! You can sign up via the Idealize site. Just click on the blue button.

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