Trend: LEGO-mania

LEGO-mania by JC de Castelbajac

When we spotted this new trend on, we thougt it might actually become a recession-hit. Why not make accessories of LEGO-pieces. We used to be creative with LEGO when we were little (yes, even girls play with LEGO), and if Jean Charles de Castelbajac can pull it off, why can’t we, right?So if you have a little brother, cousin, nephew, even the kid of one of your girlfriends, then gather some pieces of their LEGO (don’t worry, they will not miss 5 pieces…) and start building a necklace, bracelet, or even sow it on a garment.

Yo, yo, do the LEGO!

If this creative spur is too complicated for you, you can just buy yourself a t-shirt with the LEGO-logo printed on it. That will do just fine.

LEGO-mania on the streets. Source:
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