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The very Digitalistic DJ Don Diablo

Did you notice it too? The number of artists and musicians that start a line of clothing increases every day. Dutch DJ Don Diablo is also starting a label, that will hopefully be launched sometimes next winter. But first he will be performing at Studio Camping– a party initiated by the Dutch multibrandstore Men at Work– coming sunday. A perfect occasion to ask him some questions about fashion and stuff…Digitalista K. had the honors to interview the very ‘Digitalistic’ (we found a new verb LOL) DJ Don Diablo…

The Digitalistas: You were voted best dressed by Esquire in 2007, you are performing at a fashion-related party coming sunday, and you are starting your own fashion-label. What is it with you and fashion?

Don Diablo: It’s quite simple actually. Fashion is an extension of your personality, a way to distinct yourself from the mass.

TD: Your colleague Joost van Bellen produces the music for the Amsterdam International Fashionweek, and for some indivudal fashionshows. Aren’t you interested in producing a playlist for a designer show? Which designer(s) would that be?

DD: I definitely would like to produce the music for the Diesel show, but unfortunately Joost already took that job, haha! They sponsor me for the clothes, I wear the Diesel Black Gold label.

There are several designers I would like to produce music for. I lately discovered the clothes of Damir Doma, (a Croatian designer that studied in Germany and worked for Raf Simons a.o. TD) , and I love his style. But I’m also very fond of Alexander McQueen and Rick Owens.

TD: Do you have style-icons in the music business. People whose style you admire, or that inspire you in any kind?

DD: Not specifically at the moment, but I like the style of Prince and David Bowie in the early days. I think you’re most likely to find extreme and original styles in foreign countries. Dutch people are scared of looking weird. I always make two versions of my videos. One for Holland and an international version. And I can tell you, I really go crazy in the non-Dutch versions! Wearing lipstick and all…

TD: Hm, since you seem to have this duality in your clothing-behavior ;-), we’re also curious about your internet behavior. Dutch radio channel Radio 538 acclaimed you are the most ‘googled’ Dutch person on the internet. What, or who do you google?

DD: I don’t google myself…that’s for sure! Musicblogs are what I most look for on Google. Nothing fashion-related, unless it’s informative. I don’t even buy clothes online. I prefer the physical aspect of shopping. Trying things on, feeling the material.

Other things I look for online except musicblogs, are videos, movies and series…

TD: …What series do you watch?

DD: ….Mad Men, Nip Tuck, Californication..

TD: Aaah, Californication, one of my favorites too…okay, so let’s move on to some general stuff…Favorite city?

DD: Wow, let me think…I travelled a lot the past two months, and I’ve seen quite some cities…

I guess New York for work, Paris to settle. Paris is better without the Parisians though.

TD: Favorite club?

DD: I don’t have a specific club that comes to mind. I like parties on unusual locations…under a bridge, an empty building…It’s all about the experience. The perfect club in Amsterdam would be a mix between Paradiso and the Jimmy Woo.

TD: Favorite restaurant?

DD: Difficult one…I eat out almost every night. There’s this relatively unknown small restaurant called Het Fornuis (translation: The Stove, TD), where it’s cosy and where they serve good and pure food. And there’s Momo for Asian food. I also have this specific restaurant where I like to take visiting guests to, it’s called C’Taste. It’s such a fun and interesting concept because you eat in the dark. So you use all the necessary senses to eat, you’re focussed on the food and the person sitting across the table, instead of all that’s happening around you. A good place to take a first date to. No worries about spinach between your teeth… (LOL)

TD: The last movie you have seen?

DD: It’s one I have already seen a few times, but my favorite movie: La Meglio Gioventu, an Italian movie of 6 hours (a chronicle about an Italian family during the period of 40 years, TD). And I saw this Spanish movie when I was in Barcelona, Agora (A Roman-Egypt epic by Alejandro Amenábar, starring actress Rachel Weisz, TD). I have a preference for foreign movies, they are much more interesting than Hollywood blockbusters.

TD: The last book you have read?

DD: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I have read it before, but now the context is different than when I read it for the first time. I went through some stuff the past few months, and it gave a different meaning to the story.

TD: To conclude this interview…If you had not become a DJ, what would you have become?

DD: Still something creative. Actor or movie-director probably.


A big thanks to Sony BMG for the interview!

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