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Nicholas Ghesquière has a weird sense of scent…

Nicholas Ghesquière and the Balenciaga fragrance

Since Nicholas Ghesquière got on board as the designer of Balenciaga there hasn’t been a fragrance launched yet. That’s probably why the new Balenciaga fragrance– to be launched in February 2010- is highly anticipated for. But now we finally understand why it took so long…Ghesquière has some weird taste when it comes to his favorite scents…

To develop the fragrance he gave a list of scents to perfumer and developer of the Balenciaga fragrance, Olivier Polge, and it said: floor wax, gasoline, violets and carnations! Okay, we understand the violets and carnations-part, but GASOLINE??!!!

Finally the aromas of exhaust fumes did’nt go through, but were replaced by some other ‘urban’ ingredient. The fragrance is now built up with violet in the center, woody notes of cedarwood and a hint of patchouli.

We’re very curious about the result!


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