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Rodial SUPER ACIDS x-treme hangover mask

Though I probably shouldn’t admit it, one of the best things about sleeping over at my best friend’s house is being able to sample all her shower products the next morning. And lucky me, last weekend I stumbled upon some Rodial goodies while enjoying my morning rinse.

I (rather generously) sampled Rodial’s SUPER ACIDS x-treme after-party scrub, which is a 3-in-1 scrub that works to brighten and renew skin. Wowza, did I love this. It was energizing and exfoliating, with gentle clay beads and micro-scrubbers that slough dead cells and unclog pores. You’d never know we’d had quite a party night the evening before.Rodial hangover mask


I wanted to try more from Rodial, and much to my pleasure the brand has recently launched, from the same collection, the SUPER ACIDS x-treme hangover mask. And oh boy, do I love a good face mask. This is a triple-action clay mask that deeply cleanses and exfoliates to leave skin looking fresh and zingy. I tried it in the morning before work and immediately saw my skin was brighter and felt moisturized. Consider it a must-have whether or not you’re hungover – skin will look revitalized with improved tone and texture.


Rodial has an entire SUPER ACIDS collection that works to resurface, retexture and renew skin with probiotic technology. The line also works to prevent breakouts, even skin tone and boost radiance.

Rodial mask2


Rodial products are available in the Netherlands at ICI PARIS.

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