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Contour like a Kardashian

The Kardashian clan has undoubtedly been credited for popularizing the “contouring” makeup trend – and it’s surprisingly easy to get the look yourself. All you need is a contouring palette, and this 3-step powder kit I’ve found from Sans Soucis is perfect.



The palette has three shades – contour, bronze and highlight – and comes with an easy-to-use guidebook that explains how to best contour your face shape.

You start with the dark powder to create a facial contour just below your cheekbones, then blend it with the medium shade to ensure a natural (not dirty!) look. Since my skin is on the fair side, most often I use only the medium shade to avoid it getting too dark.


To finish, you gently sweep the highlighter across the middle of your forehead, in the corner of your eyes, on the middle of your chin and along your cheekbones.


And voila! The colours all accent each other perfectly and your face will have added depth and dimension.

Added bonus? Looking like a Kardashian costs just €22.50! Get yours here.

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