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Untouchable! Meghan Trainor, won the ”Best New Artist” at the 58th annual Grammy Awards just two weeks ago and she is ready to make 2016 her year musically. If you were expecting ”All About That Bass 2.0” with all it’s cuteness, let me get tell you you will not get that. Miss Trainor is coming harder then before and taking charge on her first single ”NO” of her sophomore album ”Thank You” due May 13th, 2016.

menghan trainor no

The song starts with Meghan giving her signature Doo Woop sound, while warning a guy not to go talk to her. You just got punked because the song turns an 180 on you and turns into this early 2000’s Pop/R&B beat and sees her giving some serious attitude ”Nah to the ah to the, no, no, no! My name is no, my sign is no, my number is no! You need to let it go!”. The first verse start and the first things that comes to mind are N’SYNC ”It’s gonna be me” and any song from Britney Spears of her early 00’s catalogue, the beat is so reminiscent to that era that you will love it/hate it right away.

meghan trainor no

As the song progresses it’s clear that she is not playing and that Meghan Trainor has no time for a men. Lyrics like ”I was in my zone before you came along.. Now I’m thinking maybe you should go” and ”If I want a man, then I’mma get a man… But it’s never my priority” are clear that this song is for all the ladies at a club that can not be bothered by men coming to them.

meghan trainor no

Meghan Trainor has done an perfect job in distancing herself of that 50’s/60’s sound! Her previous songs had that fun and cute sound, which was nice for one album. Let’s just be real tho, teens nowadays are more into quick music and you have to bow down to that if you want to sell. Does this mean that Meghan Trainor sold out and changed completely? NO, She is still old school! She is bringing all these teens and you that infectious Pop/R&B sound of the early 00’s that everyone was going crazy about back in the day (I sure was one of those). ”NO” is well made woman’s power anthem for all the girls that have that sassy attitude and just want to have fun with their girlfriends in the club. Bet you will be singing ”I’m Untouchable, Untouchable”.

meghan trainor no


Welcome sassy Meghan Trainor, may we have more of these gems from you!

menghan trainor no

Listen to ”NO” on Spotify and pre-order Meghan Trainor’s sophomore album ”Thank You” on iTunes!


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