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#malemadness(wednesday): Johnny gone wild

JohnnyDepp-sauvage1It must not have slipped your attention that Johnny Depp -our highschool idol- has landed himself the Dior ‘Sauvage’ fragrance campaign. And we have to admit we still have a little crush on the old bat (Depp is 51).

He has never been the face of a cosmetic brand yet, though this collab seems to suit him well. Johnny-boy is quite the ‘wild’ guy, and according to Dior ‘Sauvage’ is ‘A highly evocative name that resonates with the House’s heritage, but also a raw, wild word to herald a unique fragrance.’

A few teaser images of the campaign have been released today, that’s why a #malemadness(wednesday) instead of our usual #malemadnessmonday. We can’t wait to see the full video commercial directed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino. Ironically Mondino was the one to direct ex-wife Vanessa Paradis in the famous fragrance ad for another famous house…


The music for the ‘Sauvage’ campaign video is a specially composed soundtrack by Ry Cooder. It promises to be cool and rugged. Stay tuned as we will share more soon.


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