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Wednesday Wear-Abouts

WWA_Sanne_4mrt_9Sanne’s comeback in our style section doesn’t come unnoticed. This girl shows off some sartorial swag!


WWA_Sanne_4mrt_7 WWA_Sanne_4mrt_8She’s the perfect example of how personal style blogging has once started. Not a continuous display of designer labels, but distinct budget wear. Always with a unique vintage piece or customized item.

Today she has thrown checks and stripes in the mix, styled with a hint  of Miu Miu. Result: a layering of textures and prints.

I’ve decided to make her pose in front of a brick wall for an East-London vibe combining well with the preppy check jacket.

What Sanne is wearing: 
Check jacket: vintage from IJhallen
Jumper: Monki
Long striped shirt: H&M
Trousers: H&M
Shoes: Marni x H&M

WWA_Sanne_4mrt_10WWA_Sanne_4mrt_1 WWA_Sanne_4mrt_4

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