In the NOW: Three Chanel bags, three girls


Three bags, three different names, three different muses. Alice Dellal, Kristen Stewart and Vanessa Paradis feature in Chanel’s latest bag campaign.

There’s the 11.12, a classic with the iconic double ‘C’ closure, the sturdy ‘rock chick’ Boy bag. They now welcome a new sis: the Girl. A supple leather Hobo bag inspired by the Chanel jacket.


All three the models have a close relation with the house. Kristin is the latest addition of to the house’s muses since she starred in the Paris-Texas campaign. Alice is continuing  her collaboration as the face of the Chanel Boy bags, and Vanessa Paradis can be considered a part of the family since 1991.vanessa_paradis_pour_chanel_5471_north_635x0

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