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Merry Minimalistic Christmas

minimalistic_christmasChristmas is just around the corner and that means all the Christmas decorations come out again. Are you done with trying to untangle the lights every year, finding fir needles everywhere in your house or your cat/dog knocking the tree over?

Well.. Maybe it’s time to do it a little different this year. Go for a minimalistic, but yet very cozy and fun Christmas!

For example you could put Christmas lights in a glass jar and put it on your dining table or make a collage in the shape of a Christmas tree on your wall. I think the most fun idea is to put branches in a vase and decorate them.

Use this moodboard for some very easy DIY ideas and celebrate Christmas a little different this year! Keeping it clean and simple: Merry Minimalistic Christmas!

Text and moodboard: Annelieke van der Heijden

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