In the NOW: Moschino TOY

Moschino TOY with boxWhen we say Moschino, the first thing that pops to mind is fun and playful. Their designs have always been served with a sense of humour, but that grew a little out of proportion since Jeremy Scott stands at the helm of the Italian label.

From McDonald’s referrals to iPhone covers shaped as Barbie mirrors, Moschino is a throwback to childhood. Cue the latest addition: TOY.

Who else than Scott would come up with a fragrance packaged as a stuffed animal? Exactly.

Moschino TOY

We haven’t had the chance to smell the concoction hidden away in the plush teddybear yet, but we know it consists of tangerine, cardamom, bergamot, with a heart of lavender, violets and hawthorn, and sandalwood, vanilla, and moss base notes. It’s supposed to smell like the natural habitat of a bear: the woods.

The packaging goes even further than just the teddybear wearing a ‘This is Not a Moschino Toy’ t-shirt. It is exactly how you would find a teddybear on the shelves of a toy shop.
TOY comes in a carton complete with a transparent display window, and promoted with the words ‘Try Me’ and ‘Touch Me’. The only difference is that it holds a fragrance which you’ll discover when you screw off the bear’s head. Wonder how TED would feel about that…

TOY is exclusively available on and at Harrod’s (until November 23). Starting December at ICI PARIS XL. Just in time for the holidays. The price starts at €98 for 50ml.

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