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IN THE NOW: Back to Back reality (feat. Eastpak X Antoine Peters)

AntoinePeters_03So during these current Press Days us Digi’s have seen a lot. We visited some (Amsterdam based) PR firms to take a sneak-peek for the new SS15 collections of Calvin Klein jewelry, Uggs, Tosca Blu, Wemoto, Eastpak, Edwin & WE, and HUGO BOSS amongst others. We already saw a lot of inspirational stuff but sometimes, there’s this one item that catches your attention.

You know, the great thing about doing what you love is that it doesn’t feel like work. So on a sunny Thursday afternoon I hopped into the subway to visit BackToBackPR for a chat, coffee and my dose of inspiration on-the-go. I was absolutely stunned by the relocation and interior of their showroom – so as you can imagine, I found myself in a happy mood, perhaps you feel the same way while reading this.

According to my calculations, it should have taken you about twenty-one seconds to read these two paragraphs. Those twenty-one seconds are the same amount of time that a person, somewhere in the world, dies as a consequence of the awful AIDS virus. I was shocked to find this. In the renewed BacktoBackPR showroom, I was intrigued as well as happy to find that a collective of designers have joined forces to design a special limited edition Designers Against AIDS Eastpak collection.AntoinePeters-Eastpak1

So today I’m showing you this new piece by Antoine Peters, a well-established Dutch designer, who designed his version of the Eastpak bag based on his designs for his infamous ‘Lenticular Dress’. Depending on what perspective you take, the appearance of the bag changes – like an optical illusion.

Peters: “I ​​am very honored to participate in this edition of Eastpak Artist Studio. I think it’s great that I can use my creativity and design to contribute to the discussion about and such an important issue as the fighting of HIV/Aids.”

By means of an auction, this Antoine Peters X Eastpak bag, amongst others, will be offered for sale on December 1, 2014.

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EASTPAK X Antoine Peters video:

Text: Manoe Dentener


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