Best Budget Buy: Topshop Sweatshirt

BBB_Chic_Happens_sweatshirtWe’re obsessed with sweatshirts at the moment. It’s the best in between seasons garment if you ask us. We own several -usually with a statement text on it- and continue to collect if we stumble upon one we like.

The latest addition is this Topshop sweater with ‘Chic Happens’ printed on it. Aside from the pun, it’s fun to wear a casual item that’s actually saying the opposite. Though the velvety texture of the letters gives it a hint of chic.

And it all depends how you’re wearing your sweatshirt. Have you tried it with a leopard print or leather pencil skirt and a pair of heels? That would add some chic to it. But if you prefer it the tomboy way with black ripped jeans and your Stan Smithies, that’s perfectly fine too.

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