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Best Budget Buy: NOOSA Petite Ring

foto 1When do you feel you have the most value for your money? For us it’s either when you wear something so frequently that you are assured to have a return on investment, or when an item is versatile and adaptable to your mood, outfit etc. Hence the NOOSA Petite ring.

At the base it’s a silver ring with a pit in the middle. However, there’s half of a snap button in the pit, on which you can ‘snap’ different little chunks.


There’s a vast range of Petite chunks to choose from, all with their own stories to tell. Inspired by magical cultures, symbolism, mysticism and adventure. Handcrafted and mostly produced with natural materials such as: (gem)stone, brick, wood, pumpkin, shell, bone and ceramic.

It’s very nice to know the meaning or story of the chunks you choose, but most of all, you can collect as many as you want to vary with your mood or outfits.

The ‘body’ ring costs €69,95 and a chunk starts at €9,95.

Find your perfect NOOSA symbol here.

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