Wednesday Wannahave: Chanel baskets

Chanel_baskets_1We’re hooked to our sneakers and still very grateful the fashion peeps initiated this trend a few seasons ago. Who would ever think running shoes would become a high class accessory? That pivotal moment came with the launch of the Chanel baskets.

When the most coveted fashion label creates their own pair of sneakers, you know they belong to a special league. Even though we have a close relationship with our Nikes, we wouldn’t mind cheating on them with a pair of Chanel baskets (the word in French for sneakers sounds très chic, don’t you think?) once in a while.


The sporty shoe comes in twenty different combinations of materials and colours: tweed in a multitude of effects (chevrons, woven, bouclé …), suede, in laminated, crackled or iridescent leather, and in distinct associations dominated by black and pink, orange, black and gold, red and green, pink and silver…Plus, Karl has added the iconic double C on the sole.

The ‘baskets’ are also available in a high boot-like version, but we prefer them low.

You can find them at Chanel boutiques.

Chanel_baskets_3 Chanel_baskets_4 Chanel_baskets_5 Chanel_baskets_6

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