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Catania_fish_market9We have promised you a total of 10 discoveries from Catania, Sicily for Storie di Stile. This is the second must-see when you’re visiting Catania: the oldest fish market of Italy.

It’s almost theater when contemplating the fishermen gesturing and screaming over each other to sell their goods. One toothless fishmonger screamed so hard in my ear he startled me before bursting into laughs.Catania_fish_market10

There is so much choice of fresh fish and seafood – still caught according to ancient methods- that the A’ Piscaria attracts a very diverse audience. Sicilian chefs of local restaurants come here at dawn to be assured of a premium selection, and later in the morning it’s the turn of the housewives and tourists to be part of the circus animated by fierce looking swordfish, gyrating octopuses and shiny silver eels.

One must not be sensitive to the smell and dirt which comes along with this colorful fish market. There’s always an option to skip the ‘theatrical’ part below the Piazza Duomo and go straight to the part where the fish stalls are clean and well arranged, but that would be a pity.
The Mercato del Pesce is where the true Sicily comes to life.

Watch the video we’ve made at A’ Piscaria  here.

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