Column: I lost my virginity this week…

imageHi there! my name is Yaela and I’m a workaholic, a mom, a marketer and a perverted lover of all things hospitality. Fortunately I get to combine most of the above in my marketing agency Typhoon Hospitality. Every two weeks I share a glimpse into my often chaotic, unglamorous and insane life with you. Buckle up y’all, it’s going to be a bumpy ride….

I lost my virginity this week. I really did! I know, I know… you’ve gotten to know me a bit over the past few blogs and must be wondering. You know I’m married (for 8 years now, poor guy!) and have two little monsters…ehm angels that tend to call me mom, mommy, mama, ima or any other synonym for ‘room service!’


So is this it? is this the moment my alcohol consumtion got the better of me? The moment sleep deprivation finally took its toll and my mind?

Maybe, but I really did lose my virginity this week. My Ibiza virginity that is.

I’m telling you, this whole ‘Ibiza’ thing is realy well… a thing. You should have seen the looks of surprise, shortly followed by what I can only describe as pity, when I told people I’d never been. It’s like some sort of right of passage, a secret society of the cool, its… IBIZA.

So last week, in an attempt to mentally prepare myself for the frenzy to come (May-fever people, May-fever) I finally went to the island (yes, I do realize i’m quoting Vengaboys, and yes I know how old and pathetic that makes me… sue me)

Words of praise, lists of must see’s/ eat’s/ party’s and looks of envy were cast my way. But true to the reality of most first-times, my experience was far from sexy.

image3 image4 image5 image6

No opening party’s, no fancy dinners, no boutique strolling for me. Uncool as I am I spent the whole week lounging by the pool or beach, reading books (yes, thats plural! All of you who have children will understand the gravity of that S at the end of books) and preparing myself for the world championship UNO with my kids while sipping a Balon 43 (DO try that at home, it’s delish!). We stayed in most nights and were asleep before midnight.

Nope it wasn’t cool and hip. It wasn’t the Ibiza people go on and on about. But is was my DREAM VACATION!

And as for May? Bring it on bitches!

PHOTO 1: Nice to meet you!
PHOTO 2: No explanation needed. Sun, sand and icecream. Parenting made easy.
PHOTO 3:The ultimate summer drink. Ideal for by the pool, on the beach, on a sunny terrace or with your BBQ. Added bonus…it’s sooooo easy to make. Take a typical Spanish ‘copa balon’ or any round glass (a large red wine glass also will do the trick) Just add some sparkling water, lemon juice and lots of ice to a serving of Licor 43. Add ice, then some more ice and just sit back and enjoy!
PHOTO 4: Hard waking up to this view every morning.
PHOTO 5: Footer is pretty self explanatory.

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