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Friday Fashion Envy: Morgan Lane Dotted Tulle Undies

FFE_MorganLane_undiesWhile we’re at it, here’s another sweet Valentine’s day cliché…sexy lingerie!  But also, we rarely have underwear in the Friday Fashion Envies, and there’s a first for everything.

When we think about seduction, a little touch of sexiness has to be a part of the game. One could wear the most fab dress, but what’s underneath counts as well.

What we like about this set is that it’s sensual and sweet at the same time. We could have opted for black lace, but the dotted tulle is playful and a bit innocent. The cute bra and briefs are from Morgan Lane, the daughter of renowned New York designer Jill Stuart . The brand’s identity is imagined around a doll named Lanie (and the cutest story!), which Morgan herself has illustrated.

Treat yourself with these adorable undies. The bra and briefs are sold separately.

Happy Valentine!

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