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Sweet Saturday Sounds: Ape Not Mice


It’s Saturday again, that means it’s time for Sweet Saturday Sounds! I would like to introduce to you: Ape Not Mice, a talented Dutch band with great, cheerful music. These catchy tunes will pleasantly linger in your head for the rest of the day.

Lily Allen meets Lykke Li is a way to describe the sound of Ape Not Mice. This willful band has played at several big Dutch festivals and clubs and they have been selected as the first Radio 2 Talent. When you see Ape Not Mice perform live, you’ll instantly hear and feel their sincere love for music. These cheerful sounds make you fall in love with them.

Leadsinger Diede Claesen is a powerwoman with a unique voice and rock chick meets vintage flowerpower style. She’s really into fashion and she even designs her own headpieces! She wears her headpieces during her show and afterwards she auctions her fashion statements. You could say a Diede Claesen’s headpiece is a true collectors item.

Curious? Check the Ape Not Mice website for more information about Diede, merchandise and shows.

Text: Sacha de Vries


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