TGIF: Grand Marnier Limited Edition

TGIF_GrandMarnierThank God It’s Fridayyyyy!! Some weeks you really look forward to the weekend. Get together with your friends, unwind, and just have a good time. And you don’t always have to go out. What about a home cocktail party? A beautiful bottle does half the trick.

Take the newest limited edition bottle from Grand Marnier inspired by the Parisian Boulevard Haussman famed for its amazing fashion department stores, but also where the Grand Marnier offices are located on number 91 of that iconic location.


Get inspired for a cocktailparty on the theme of the bottle. Find the recipe for a Grand Marnier winter cocktail and enjoy your weekend:

2 cl Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge

4 cl cranberry juice

8 cl champagne

The fruity and slighty sour flavour of the cranberry juice and the full and sweet orange taste of Grand Marnier make a perfect pair with champagne for an elegant cocktail.
Pour the liquor and the juice in a shaker or directly in the glass. Shake or pour them in the glass and add champagne. Voilà!

And you know what? This cocktail can also be a seductive surprise for your love on Valentine…


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