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Adventures in Vietnam!

IMG_7055I’ve just returned to Amsterdam after an amazing two-week getaway to Vietnam. Having never been to Asia before, I was really unsure about what to expect; we selected Vietnam because we read it was a good mix of culture, history and spots for R&R. It was an amazing experience and I highly recommend a trip to the country if you haven’t been!


Our journey began in Ho Chi Minh City (2 days), then the Mekong Delta (3 days), Hoi An (2 days), Hue (2 days), Hanoi (1 day), Halong Bay (3 days), Ninh Binh (2 days) and ended in Hanoi (1 day).

The ultimate highlight was the food – it’s fresh, healthy and full of flavour! The people were also very friendly (they know how important tourism is to the growth of their country), and we could get by with broken English most of the time. Best of all, by European standards, everything was very inexpensive! On many occasions we dined like royalty for as little as 3 euro! I also “splurged” on a few massages and spa treatments, starting at 10 euro.

P1010154 P1010095

Over the coming few weeks, I’ll be posting tips and reviews of some of the amazing hotels we visited along the way. You don’t want to miss this!

Text: Lydia Parafianowicz

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