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BaliSpirit Festival

Arma Thinking it’s time for a getaway? The seventh annual BaliSpirit Festival will take place from March 12-23, 2014, in (you guessed it) Bali! The festival, which takes place in Ubud, is known as Southeast Asia’s premier yoga, dance and world music celebration.

A truly global event, the five-day festival will open its gates to over 6,000 international visitors seeking spiritually-charged events. The festival celebrates the synergy of global cultural collaboration through the sacred arts – from yoga, healing and meditation to diverse, creative expressions of music and creative movement.

The BaliSpirit Festival features over 150 daytime workshops set in the stunning, tropical surroundings of Bali. Workshops are led by dozens of top international instructors, inspirational speakers, and holistic healers such as Simon Park (USA), Janet Stone (USA), Michiko Minegishi (Japan), Nadine McNeil (Jamaica), Ronan Tang (China) and many more.



Nighttime festivities include a “Bhakti Series” of devotional music, as well as “One World One Stage” line-up of world class acts who encourage conscious living and well-being for individuals, communities, and the planet. The Festival also celebrates the lush beauty and creativity of its island home with performances of traditional Balinese performing arts.

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The festival has been praised as one of the “Top Yoga Festivals Around the Globe” (Yahoo News), and as one of “Asia’s Top 6 Music Festivals” (Travel Wire). Pass-holders can enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Bali and the excitement of this global gathering knowing that their participation supports the BaliSpirit Festival’s “Karma” initiatives. The Festival’s founders are committed to giving back to the local community and have raised more than $75,000 for local charities and outreach programs for Balinese performing arts, HIV & AIDS education, and reforestation in Bali.

Early Bird passes are on sale now! Visit BaliSpirit Festival’s website for more information.

Photos courtesy Matt Oldfield, Heilrich Dajon and Freandy Rumagit.

Text: Lydia Parafianowicz

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