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Cosmania8Some concepts are so well developed online, that after a while it asks to be translated into a ‘bricks’ version. This is the case with Cosmania which has recently opened a beauty boutique in Amsterdam.

In the crispy white shop in the Herenstraat you’ll find the familiar products they offer on as well as beauty novelties. We’ve visited the shop last week,  but its official opening will be next month, so here’s a little preview.

Cosmania is often the first (and only shop) to distribute new beauty brands. Kunst K is one of these. A contemporary apothecary concept, scientifically developed over several years of extensive research to best suit individual skin regimes. The man behind the brand is makeup creative director Kiril Hristovski. Having worked on countless faces in the industry for over a decade, Kiril’s clientele includes: royalties, First Ladies, editors, socialites, Fortune 500 executives and government officials. After attending many anti-aging conferences as well as having collaborated with leading researchers worldwide on cosmetic projects, Kiril was led to create Kunst K after having concluded that the most beneficial actives for the skin are vitamins and oils, a proven fact that dates back to the ancient Egyptians, and having noticed that nothing like it existed in the market. After developing the idea, Kiril started collaborating with a USA based dermatologist to formulate the individualized Kunst K products and create a custom blend skin care line.

An other novelty you’ll find in the store is the makeup from Korres; a compact collection based on natural ingredients.


Also nice is the men’s grooming corner which boasts niche products in skin-, body-, and haircare such as Baxter of California (one of the first men only skincare labels), Skeen, and SachaJuan.

Just go and take a look for yourself, you’ll love it!

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