RMS Makeover @ Skins Cosmetics

IMG_4472Interested in organic cosmetics? RMS Beauty prides itself on being a clean, pure, organic makeup brand that uses active ingredients to benefit your skin.

The line was founded by Rose-Marie Swift, who, after years working in the makeup industry, was shocked by the lack of pure beauty available. She took matters into her own hands and founded RMS Beauty, seeking to heal and nourish skin using non-toxic ingredients that rejuvenate skin.

Last week I visited Skins Cosmetics in Amsterdam for an RMS makeover. Want to get the look? RMS products are very easy to apply and offer all-day coverage. Just 5 easy steps are all you need (making it easy for the morning rush).

1. “Un” cover up
This lightweight concealer is easy to apply – just dab using your fingertips! Because it’s a cream you can gently spread it over your skin’s surface, perhaps using more over blemishes or under your eyes. The result leaves skin radiant (mine was glowing) while feeling hydrated and not “cakey.”foto 8

2. Lip2Cheek
For blush, we used the Lip2Cheek formula which (as its name suggests), can be applied to lips or cheeks! Gently pat the cream onto the apples of your cheeks, spreading upwards toward your temples. It’s hydrating and protecting all day, and doesn’t smudge or “melt.” Apply a swipe over lips for fresh, moisturizing color.


3. Cream Eye Shadow
RMS Beauty’s eyeshadows are special because they are easy to blend. Apply a darker color (try “seduce” or “karma”) in the corners of your eyes, gently blending into creases. On your eyelids, try a lighter glimmery hue like “solar” or “lunar.” Brown eyes pair best with blue shadow tones, while blue eyes will pop against golds or browns. For me, the result was a “bronze goddess” look that wasn’t over the top for day-to-day work makeup.IMG_4470

4. Eyeliner/Mascara
A swipe of eyeliner and mascara are optional, but really complete the look. RMS Beauty doesn’t yet have a mascara, because it’s too toxic a product to be produced organically (at the moment). Here’s hoping science can change that in future years!IMG_4460

5. Living Luminizer
RMS’ wonder product is the Living Luminizer, which creates a sheer, glowing effect on skin. Gently apply just under your eyebrows or on your cheekbones for an extra glow when light touches your skin. Best of all, it’s not sticky, oily, greasy, or glittery – so it looks fresh, not tacky!

And voila! I loved my final look, and received quite a few compliments on my fresh face that day! My skin looked fresh and radiant all day through, without feeling heavy or looking too made-up.IMG_4474

Special thanks to the lovely Skins Cosmetics crew for hosting us. The store is an exclusive retailer of RMS Beauty in Amsterdam. Try some organic skincare products to see how they works for you.

Text: Lydia Parafianowicz


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